Monogan 1000 ECR ION SOURCE

20 mA of proton beammonogan ecr ion source

14.5 Ghz Ion Source Bench

System includes a complete beamline ready for you to attach your chamber for experiments.

Personal Alarm Dosimeter

ADR-10 is unique product for the safety and radiation protection of radiation workers with management of real time dose and doserate. ADR-10 is the Personal Alarm Dosimeter made of si-diode detector for easy handling and rapid response for personal safety and reliable accuracy. With alarm function the user can manage personal safety itself.Personal Alarm Dosimeter


PKISIS ECR Ion SourcePK-ISIS 18GHz is an ECR ion source with hybrid magnetic circuit - Superconducting for axial and Permanent magnet for radial fields. The axial field is generated by three low temperature superconducting coils (4 K) cooled by a single cryo-cooler. 

Whole Body Counter

The RAD IQ™ WBC is a whole body counter especially designed to examine radiation intake of people those who are exposed by radiationwhole body counter