Monogan M-1000

Monogan 1000 20 mA of proton beam.

Apt for ADS (Accelerator Driven Systems) High Current ECR Ion Source the Monogan 1000 is reliable and good performance which the magnetic circuit is entirely made with permanent magnets. Its totally new design incorporates a symmetry which allows radial and axial confinement without the use of multipoles. This magnetic structure is patented in Europe EU/FR 9615572 and US 6194836. The source has two magnetic rings spaced by several centimeters, allowing to have a direct access to the plasma region also radially. This can be used for introducing an oven, sputtering system or a target inside the source. Monogan M-1000 runs at 2.45GHz and uses up to about 1.2 kW of RF power for achieving optimum beam intensities. This source can produce intensities of the order of 20 mA of Z = 1 elements. Significant beam intensities are also obtained for other light monocharged ions.

IMPORTANT: Optimum beam intensities are only obtained with a multi-electrode extraction system specially developed by Pantechnik. The normalized Emittance of proton beams is about 0.2 π mm mrad.