ECR Ion Source with “He-free” 4 K Superconducting coils (axial field) + High performance Permanent Magnets (radial field)


PK-ISIS 18GHz is an ECR ion source with hybrid magnetic circuit - Superconducting for axial and Permanent magnet for radial fields. The axial field is generated by three low temperature superconducting coils (4 K) cooled by a single cryo-cooler. The radial field is produced by a 40 liters permanent magnet hexapole. Special care has been taken in evaluating the radial component of the field generated by the superconducting coils, together with temperature issues in the hexapole. The design is robust, allowing the permanent magnets to work up to a safe 40°C. The superconducting coils are cooled by a two stage High performance Pulse Tube cryo-cooler. PK-ISIS can produce any beam, gaseous or metal. The beam intensities are amongst the best 18 GHz ion sources in the world.T

The expected beam intensities are listed in the table below. They are based on existing performances of ECR ion sources with similar chamber volume, magnetic field and running with a 2.5kW 18 GHz Klystron.