BB - BPM Ions Beam Position Monitor

Designed for cancer therapy synchrotrons
Ideal for heavy ion synchrotrons
Tracks the beam during the energy ramp
Handles >70 dB beam intensity range
  • The BaseBand BPM is a log amplifier-based beam position monitor.
  • Operates from 1 to 11 MHz.
  • Output signals are analog voltages.
  • X&Y narrowband outputs for close orbit measurement: ±2V
  • X&Y wideband outputs for machine study, to see orbit changes or instabilities during the ramp: ±2V
  • Matching cables length not required: pickup signals don't need to be in phase.
  • BB-BPM may be custom-built on daughter card for installation on user's FPGA/DSP mother boards.
    Schema Operating principle


Operating principle:


Based on the pioneering work of Robert E. Shafer at Los Alamos Laboratory, the Log-Ratio BPM derives beam position from logarithm of the ratio of opposite pickup signals: Log(A/B). Position measured by this method is more linear, over a wider range, than difference-over-sum.

 Schema Operating principle

The position of the beam from rotated pickups is obtained by axes translation to the vertical resp. horizontal plane by wideband analog circuits.