Emittance meter

X-Y simultaneous measurement, High resolution and compact Emittance Meter

X-Y simultaneous measurement, High resolution and compact The Emittance meter Pepper-pot is a new Pantechnik product for measuring emittances of beams with low energy. This system was developed by the KVI laboratory (Rijskuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands). It consists of a tungsten 20μm vertically aligned holes, hold by a cooled Copper horizontally moving support. Behind the hole network system is placed a Micro-channel plate system mounted as a Chevron and a phosphorous screen. The image in the screen, projected by the beam crossing the holes, is reflected by a mirror to a CCD Camera, placed outside the vacuum. The system is conceived such as that several positions of the aligned holes can be acquired via the CCD Camera in less than a minute. The analysis of the size and position of each individual hole gives the emittance of the beam in both directions X and Y. The hole system is mounted in a DN160 flange. Control and command of all moving parts, Micro-channel plates and the Camera is provided in a small cabinet. The full system is delivered also with a reliable and user-friendly software for emittance analysis. This system was conceived specially for measuring emittances of ECR Ion Source, but other sources can also be measured with this system. The distance between the hole network and the Micro-channel plate can be adjusted as well as the hole size.