FCT Beam Fast Current Transformer

Most sensitive and fastest current tranformer.

The Fast Current Transformer (FCT) is a wideband AC transformer with a rise time down to 175ps and a bandwidth up to 2GHz. Applications include measurements of:


  • Pulsed beams in particle accelerators
  • Partial discharge pulses from corona wires, in insulation defects
  • Current rise in semiconductor gates, triggers
  • Surge current waveforms in EMI/EMC analysis
  • Capacitive discharge pulses


New technology:


Used world-wide on all high-energy particle accelerators to observe very short beam pulses. Exceptional bandwidth and sensitivity are achieved by using amorphous cobalt-based alloy cores specially annealed in a magnetic field to obtain very high permeability and low loss at frequencies to 2 GHz.


FCT can be embedded inside a conflat flange for direct mounting on the beam pipe.


Available in six different apertures ranging from 16mm up to 178mm.


Larger apertures are available on request.