High Voltage Platform

75 kV to 450 kV High Voltage Platforms for your Ion Source Accelerator.

The proposed system includes a platform for accommodating the full Ion Source bench plus a magnetic triplet after the magnetic dipole. It is important to transport through the acceleration tube only the requested beam in the case of ECR ion sources, and not the full extracted beam, which can be several mA. 

The magnetic triplet is intended to provide a flexible optics, allowing to vary the potential of the platform whilst keeping the good focusing after the accelerator tube. The size of the platform is estimated (drawings to be finalized with input from the customer) to be 4 m x 4 m. It is enough to accommodate the beam line and all equipment, including the water-cooling system. This item includes the support insulators and the accelerator tube of 1.0 m manufactured by National Electrostatic Corporation NEC-US. The system is delivered tested with performance certificates.