Gas system

Gas dosing valved for injecting gas into the Ion Source.

The gas system is designed to accept five (5) different gas bottles (bottles are not included). The gas system includes pressure regulators, electro-valves and connections to special low flux valves. Two low flux valves allows injection of main and support gas for proper operation of the ECR Ion Source. A purging port and a vacuum gauge for pressure monitoring while purging is provided. One primary pump is included to purge the pipes when changing the bottles. The pressure after the pressure regulator will be set to 0.4 to 2 bar depending on the gas. A manual action is required when installing a gas bottle for the first time. In operation, switching from a gas to another will be fully remote controlled, no manual action is required. The switching between the gases will be done according to the needs to produce the specified ion beams. The gas system can be interfaced by the main control system.