Micro Oven System

Micro Oven for High temperature metallic Ion Beams.

This oven is adapted for the production of relatively high temperature metallic ion beams: Li, Mg, Ca, Ag, Au, Pb, etc. The temperature of evaporation of the element can reach 1400 °C. Inside the furnace, an alumina container is used to place powder or solid material (one oven head is necessary for each metal). The connector to the power supply is a BNC coaxial type. This oven has a slightly larger capacity, with respect to its previous version and a larger overall external diameter (Φ = 9 mm). The furnace is powered by a 36 V - 6A DC power-supply, provided. The power supply is operated through a controller and optical fibres (insulated at 30 kV).  The furnace and the support tube, which are mounted inside the coaxial tube, are positioned with a special vacuum position adjuster. A manual valve (VAT DN 25 ISO-kF) is included in order to allow a fast changing of the furnace sample without breaking off the vacuum inside the source body.