Command & Control System

Remote Control your Accelerator Beam line and functions with Interlock safety systems.

The command and control system is based on electronic modules from National Instruments. These modules have analogue (0 - 10 V) and logic (switch) inputs and outputs. All the equipment related to the source can be remotely controlled. The control and the monitoring can be done by a PC  through an optical fibre. The control cabinet will use “Compact Field Point” modules. The command and control system can integrate the power supplies (DC bias, extraction, Einzel lens, puller) and the isolation transformer into one cabinet. Inside the cabinet the different potential levels will be linked together with optical fibres. It includes the control of the oven and sputtering systems. The cabinet, including interlock of the HV, X-rays shielding and grounding system, controls the security/safety of the whole bench. The software as well as the PC for controlling the whole system via Lab View is included. LabView program is also included. The code is delivered.