Nanogan14.5 GHz

Nanogan 14.5 GHz going upto 200 Watt RF Power is a stable and reasonable Ion Source for material physics and nuclear physics with multi charged Ions.

Nanogan14.5 GHz has the magnetic circuit entirely made with permanent magnets both for the radial and longitudinal fields. The total weight of the permanent magnets is 80 Kg. The lead protection is included in the structure of the source. Its performance is the best in its category, allowing the production of beam currents of 80 eµA of Ar8+. Nanogan14.5 GHz can run with RF power up to 200W at 14.5 GHz depending on the element and charge state needed. The maximum extracting voltage is 25 kV. This ion source can also be installed inside platforms, electrostatic accelerators, like single-end or even Tandems terminals. 


Currently a Similar Ion Source is running at Inter-University Accelerator Centre in New Delhi at the Low energy Ion Beam facility.