PKDelis is the first ECR Ion Source using HTS technology in the world.


PKDELIS ECR Ion Source is an upgrade of HYPERNANOGAN source and was built in collaboration with Inter-University Accelerator Centre and Pantechnik, France. It uses the latest technologies of superconducting wires, the High Temperature Superconductors, known as HTS. With PKDelis the total power consumption of the source is reduced from 200 kW to 20 kW. PKDelis has an Increased radial and axial magnetic field for a suitable operation at 18 Ghz allowing enhanced source performances. HTS solution preserves the compactness of the source. PKDelis does not requires cryogenic liquids in the coils. The first PKDelis ECR ion source was delivered to the customer in 2003. Since then, it is working properly, delivering high intensity beams. PKDelis is the first ECR ion source using HTS technology in the world.