SUPERNANOGAN 14.5 GHz upto 600W is a reliable and stable Ion Source producing multi charged ions.

The magnetic circuit is entirely made with permanent magnets both for the radial and longitudinal fields, so the total electrical power is extremely low. The source includes 220kg of permanent magnets and 300kg of lead protection. Its performance is the best of its category, allowing the production of beam currents of 200 eµA of Ar8+ and C4+. Supernanogan can run with RF power up to 600W at 14.5 GHz depending on the element and charge state needed. The maximum extracting voltage is 30 kV. This ion source is working in several laboratories and is the reference source for Hadrontherapy, the ultimate cancer treatment method. Supernanogan can be used in any kind of accelerators, i.e. RFQ, LINAC, Synchrotrons, Cyclotrons, etc.