Rad IQ AP 100

Advanced spectroscopic radiation monitoring portal.


The RAD IQ™ AP100 is an advanced spectroscopic radiation monitoring portal. 

It is designed for pedestrians and vehicles at the security check point or baggage on a conveyor system to monitor possession of special nuclear material or nuclear weapons.

The system is equipped with a collimated 3x3 inch NaI(Tl) detector(s), alarm lamp, Ethernet and high resolution video camera. In addition, the system is water proof and can be operated without power up to 12 hours with built in battery. These features together the RAD IQ™ AP100 is the perfect solution for not only pedestrians monitoring in airport, building entrance and in sensitive places during special events but also vehicle and conveyor monitoring in outdoor places.


key features


Collimated 3x3 inch NaI(Tl) detector (up to 2 detectors).
Intelligent isotope identification (minimum dose of 100 nSv/h).
Bluetooth and Ethernet communication.
Integrated audible/visible alarm.
Integrated high resolution video camera.
Weather proof design for outdoor applications.
Automatic system calibration and stabilization.
Database log files for alarm events.




• Building entrance check point
• Pedestrian radiation security 
• Conveyor inspection
• Airport radiation security
• Waste truck radiation monitoring
• Homeland security





Detector Collimated (30 mm) 3x3 inch NaI (Tl) (1 or 2) Minimum 
Isotope ID 1)
about 100 nSv/h above background dose rate
Energy range 20 - 3,000 keV Energy resolution < 8% @ 662 keV (Cs137)
Dimension 160 x 43 x 20 cm (H x W x D) Weight 150 kg
MCA 32 bit RISC, ARM® Cortex™-M3 Operating temp. 5°F(-15°C) to 122°F(50°C)
Network Bluetooth and Ethernet Calibration Automatic or Manual (Cs137)
Power AC (100 - 240 V)
Rechargeable battery (>12 h)
Optional Video camera