Rad IQ BP100

Radiation Detection Backpack

The RAD IQ BP 100 is designed to meet the requirements for covert search, detection, and identification with high sensitivity. The system is ideal for Homeland Security, First Responder, and Radiological survey applications.


The Backpack unit includes a 3x3 inch NaI(Tl) detector and two 2" diameter by 15" long neutron detection tubes (BF3 or He3). The standard configuration places the detector and electronics in a water and shock resistant reinforced case fitted with a backpack harness. Other configurations are available according to specific requirements.


Data acquisition is provided via Blue-Tooth to the PAD unit. The standard PAD unit is the Samsung Galaxy Note. The PAD display provides the user with easy to read information providing assessment of current radiological levels including personal safety and radionuclide identification. Upon completion of a survey the data is downloaded from the PAD unit to the PC. The optional GPS unit provides the necessary data for radiation mapping.



Key features



• Gamma-ray Spectroscopy for Specific Nuclide Identification

• Neutron Detection

• Bluetooth Communication to PAD unit for Covert Operation

 • Up to 24 hour operation on a single battery charge

• Automatic System Calibration and Stabilisation 

• Database protocol for log files and alarm events

• Water and Shock Resistant

• Small, Convenient, Form Factor and light weight 






• Homeland Security

• Emergency Responder

• Radiological Area Mapping

• Geological Radiation Survey

• Safeguard and nuclear security