Rad IQ FS200

Food Radiation Monitor


The RAD IQ™ FS200 is a food monitor system designed to monitor radiation levels in food sample being contained in a Marinelli beaker. The RAD IQ™ FS200 consists of a 3x3 inch NaI(Tl) detector and a built-in digital MCA mounted inside of 20 mm thick cylindrical lead shield. The affordable NaI based system satisfies most requirements and legislations for food industry.

Furthermore, the RAD IQ™ FS200 offers a standard software for complete quantitative and spectroscopic data analysis.


Key Features


  • 3x3 inch NaI (Tl) detector with built-in MCA.
  • 32 bit RISC ARM Cortex digital MCA with 4096 channel resolution.
  • 20 mm lead shielding (4π shielding except detector insert hole opening).
  • High speed network through USB 2.0 protocol.
  • Accommodate up to 1 liter size of Marinelli beaker.
  • Quantitative and spectroscopic data analysis of food sample.





Detector NaI (Tl) 3 x 3 inch MCA 32 bit RISC, ARM® Cortex-M3
*Energy range 20 ~ 2000 keV Max. count rate 150 kcps
Energy res. 7% ± 1% FWHM @ 662 keV 137Cs Data res.  4096 channel
Network USB 2.0(Full-speed) **Shield 20 mm lead shield
Weight  62 Kg Dimensions  234(f) x 428(H) mm
*Factory default setting is 20~1000KeV
**Customized thickness of lead shielding is available

The application software of RAD IQ™ FS200 provides a graphical user interface for compete quantitative spectrum analysis, peak detection, energy calibration, file processing, isotope library management, database management and more.
 In addition, the protocol-driven spectrum analysis software makes operation and data processing simple and easy!