Radscan TLC Scanner

Radio TLC Scanner


 RAD scan 100 is designed to evaluate radiochemical purity of specific radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures. Its fully-programmed motor control and integrated digital MCA makes the RAD scan easy to operate and control. Furthermore, the RAD scan 100 includes protocol-driven application software for complete quantitative analysis and detector control.


Key Features:


• Daily quality control of radiopharmaceuticals used in NM procedures
• Full detector and data acquisition control via application software
• Spectroscopic analysis of radio isotope purity using a 4096 channel MCA
• Variable scan speeds from 0.1mm/sec to 4mm/sec. 
• Protocol-driven software package for QC, operation and calibration
• Database provides data extraction and reanalysis of stored data
• Integrated digital MCA with 32bit RISC microprocessor
• Removable strip bed accommodates various TLC strips up to 5x20 cm size



Detector : NaI(Tl) 2 x 2 inch

Collimator : 90(f)x76(h) mm,  30 mm thick lead alloy

MCA : 32bit RISC, ARM® Cortex-M3 Resolution : 4096 channel

Energy res. : 7.5% ± 1% FWHM @ 662 keV Cs137

Interface : USB 2.0(Full speed)

Weight : 23Kg

QA check : Cs137(1uCi and 10uCi)

Scan Speed : 0.1mm/sec ~ 4mm/sec (Factory default configuration)

Strip carrier : Accommodate up to 5x20cm strip

Power supply : 100~240Vac 50/60Hz

Computer OS : Window XP or Window 7

Dimensions : 488 x 244 x 339 mm(l x w x h)




The standard software provides a graphical user interface for TLC scan, radio spectroscopy, detector control, data acquisition, QA and database management. Utilizing the factory programmed or user defined protocols one can automatically control the detector movement, data acquisition, data visualization and analysis. Quality of the system is assured by routine suitability and  Chi-squire measurement.  The database option allows user to extract and re-analysis of all stored data