Whole body Radiation Contamination Monitor



The RAD IQ™ WBC is a whole body counter especially designed to examine radiation intake of people those who are exposed by radiation. Its open-style design is unique in the industry and make the examination process more convenient to children and pregnant woman. In addition, adjustable detector height feature enables uniform efficiency and optimal measurement regardless of the height of people. 

The patent pending segmented and collimated detector technology not only enhances signal to noise ratio at the region of interest on the body but also lightens shielding requirement that makes the system to maintain its light weight and openness. Most of all, the light weight and small foot-print feature has great advantage in installing the RAD IQ™ WBC system in small space including a vehicle.




Children and pregnant woman friendly open design
Segmented and collimated eight 3x3 inch NaI(Tl) detectors
Small foot-print and Light weight
Adjustable detector height depending on object height
One minute measurement time for typical operation
Laser guided detector positioning




• Radiation intake investigation
• In-vivo dosimetry
• Reactor personnel safety





Detector Segmented and collimated NaI(Tl) (3x3 inch, 8ea.)  Shielding 30mm lead (shadow shielding)
Detector FOV coverage 100 x 100 cm Detector travel length 40 cm
Foot print 100 x 100 cm (200 cm height) Weight Total: 1,300 kg
Heaviest item: 33 kg
Typical MDA 150 Bq (Cs134), 
200 Bq (Cs137)
Power 110 - 220 V AC (50 or 60 Hz)
Energy range 200 - 2,000 keV Energy resolution < 9% @ 662 keV (Cs137)
Operating Temp. Requirement Stable within ± 5 °C Options Calibration phantom