GammaPro 1410

Digital Gamma Spetrometer for Gamma ray detection applications.

The GammaPro 1410 includes a miniaturized pre-amplifier, low ripple high voltage supplier, digital MCA with a 32 bit RISC  microprocessor and power over Ethernet(PoE) interface. All the features combined make it easy for the GammaPro 1410  to be connected into a network via Ethernet for remote & large area monitoring applications. The GammaPro 1410 includes 'NuFocus' software for complete quantitative analysis and detector control.The spectrometer is compatible with essentially all the 10-stage Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMTs) that fit standard 14 pin tube sockets. 


Key features


Digital gamma spectrometer for 10-stage PMTs with 14-pin socket.
Plug-in & Play by self-powered PoE (Power of Ethernet).
Integrated RJ-45 Ethernet interface for maximum throughput.
High voltage control for optimum dynamic range performance.
Supplementary analog anode output for timing applications.
Digital MCA and MCA software for quantitative analysis.




• Remote monitoring of multiple detectors in network
• Large area environmental monitoring
• Gamma ray spectroscopy
• Nuclear waste or cargo container inspection
• Homeland security
• Teaching and research


Plug-in & Play & Auto calibration


Installation is simple using the Ethernet interface of the PC. Once network connection is established using the NuFocus software, the detectors are automatically identified and able to begin making measurement To ensure that GammaPro 1410 is always operated with an accurate energy calibration, a simple auto-calibrate feature allows the user to check/align energy calibration at any time.