Radscan I & C

Spectroscopy Area Radiation Monitor


The RAD I & C is a digital spectroscopic area radiation monitor. It is designed to monitor radiation levels in the laboratory,  in the isolated ward or in isotope production facilities. Its integrated digital MCA with a microprocessor and Ethernet interface provides remote, real-time and 24/7 monitoring.  And its intelligent isotope identification algorithm make it possible to identify isotopes with extremely low dose.  Furthermore, the RAD i&c offers a standard software for managing multiple units, data acquisition, database control, auto calibration and complete quantitative data analysis.


Key features


• Intelligent isotope identification algorithm: minimum dose of 24 pGy.
• Automatic system calibration utilizing 40K natural background radiation.
• PoE (Power of Ethernet) and digital MCA for Plug-in & Play.
• On-spot status monitoring with a LCD display and status LEDs.
• Remote unit identification, real-time and 24/7 monitoring.
• Managing multiple units in a control station.
• External visual/acoustic alarm unit.
• Notification via PAD or phone.




• Isolated ward and hot laboratory
• Isotope production facility
• Environmental radiation monitoring
• Nuclear power plant 
• Warehouse monitoring
• Radioactive waste area monitoring
• Homeland security




Detector : NaI(Tl) 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 inch

Energy range : 20 ~ 2000KeV

MCA : 32bit RISC, ARM® Cortex-M3

Energy res. : 7% ± 1% FWHM @ 662 keV Cs137

Netwrok : RJ-45 Ethernet

Weight : 2.5Kg

Operating temp. : 5°F(-15°C) to 122°F(50°C)

Relay output  : 12V on/off (user programmable)

Display : 16x2 Character LCD and 5 status LEDs

Power : PoE or 12VDC(switchable)

Minimum dose for isotope ID : 24 x 10-12Gy

Dimensions : 250(W)x220(H)x90(D) mm