Radiation & Nuclear Spectroscopy

Radiation & Nuclear Spectroscopy

Geebee International is supported by an exclusive and experienced team of consultants, Maintenance Engineers and Scientists who assist in the successful applications of our products in the nuclear industry and physics research sectors.


The advancement of India into the second stage of their nuclear program makes the country one of the most attractive markets for radiation measurement technology in the World.

Geebee has been engaged with the nuclear program for decades and, therefore, has been able to harness a longstanding goodwill in this field. Through cooperation with our international partners in the nuclear industry we have implemented eminent institutions with Spectroscopy systems, Contamination and Radiation Monitoring systems, Dosimetery services and Health Physics instrumentation. Besides, We have sold over 100 High Purity Germanium Detectors as well as Ultra Low Background Specialty Detectors.

Geebee has also been active in the Homeland Security and Civil Defence market. Using our expert marketing channels we have concluded various contracts for providing NBC – Nuclear, Biological and Chemical equipments for fixed, mobile and portable detection devices that identify the presence of radioactive and hazardous materials in packages, containers, vehicles and on people. 


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