Radiofrequency amplifiers

Geebee International supplies Pulse or Solid State RF Amplifier from 10 kHz to 38 GHz according to specific customer requirements for powers up to 500 kW.

Geebee International in collaboration with System Engineering Solutions has an extensive range of Solid State RF power amplifiers. Specialists in Designing and Manufacturing radio frequency amplifiers and generators with Military, Industrial, Medical and Scientific fields of application.

Frequencies from 10 kHz to 38 GHz.

Amplifiers from 1 W to 500 kW.

 System Engineering Solutions is a worldwide leader in the field of the designing and manufacturing of high precision RF and MW solid state destined to (MIMS) Military, Industrial, Medical and Scientific applications.

 Our solid State solutions are completely modular, scalable and extremely maintainable thanks to our hot-swappable engineering. Designed for rugged applications and will withstand reflected powers up to 100%*. They can be implemented with Air or Liquid Cooling.

 Applications range from University to Research Institutes, from Advanced Physics Laboratories to Nuclear Engineering; from special Aerospace Applications (electronic warfare and airplane resistance to RF bombardment testing) to biomedicine and medical treatment applications.

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RF Amplifiers

63.8 MHz 13 kW RF Amplifier

Solid State Pulsed RF Amplifier


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